We are Cindy and Kiara, a local real estate team in Kingston, Ontario. Since you’re here we assume you’re either considering or ready to buy or sell property. Whether it be your family home, an investment property, retirement dream, or anything in between we’re here to help.

No two real estate transactions are the same. We understand that navigating the real estate transaction process can be tricky business. We bring experience and expertise so that you can enjoy your unique buying or selling journey. It’s truly an exciting time.

Real estate is dynamic and that’s why we love it!  We’re highly adaptable to many situations and hope that we have the chance to work with you throughout your individual experience.

With a passion for working with people, creative mindsets, over 18 years of Kingston real estate experience, and a strong knowledge of marketing and sales tools, we’re ready to offer you the support that works best for you.

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